1. II
receive at some time receive once a week принимать (гостей, друзей и т.п.) раз в неделю; Lady X is not receiving today сегодня леди X не принимает
2. III
1) receive smth. receive a note (a message, a telegram, news, a present, payment, a report, instructions, orders, etc.) получать записку и т.д.; wait until you receive the letter подождите, пока не получите письмо; she receives many invitations она получает много приглашений
2) receive smth. receive a mortal wound (a blow, a black eye, an injury, etc.) получить смертельную рану и т.д.; he received a broken jaw (a broken arm, etc.) ему сломали челюсть и т.д.; receive a defeat (a disappointment, etc.) испытать поражение и т.д.; receive an insult (severe punishment, a severe beating, etc.) подвергаться оскорблению и т.д.
3) receive smth. he received thirty days его осудили на /он получил/ тридцать суток; he received a heavy sentence ему вынесли суровый приговор; receivea pardon получить помилование; receive an honorary degree (an award, a bonus, etc.) получить почетную степень и т.д., удостоиться почетной степени и т.д.; he received the name of John его назвали /нарекли/ Джоном, ему дали имя Джон
4) receive smb. receive visitors (boarders, one's neighbours, strangers, a fugitive, etc.) принимать посетителей и т.д., who is going to stay at home to receive the guests? кто останется дома, чтобы принимать гостей?; the king received the new ambassador король принял нового посла || receive smb.'s attentions принимать чьи-л. ухаживания
5) receive smth. your letter (your request, the matter, etc.) will receive our [immediate] attention мы [немедленно] займемся вашим письмом и т.д.; this book hasn't received the attention it deserves эта книга не была оценена по заслугам
3. IV
receive smth., smb. in some manner receive smb.'s work (smb.'s speech, a book, a proposal, the speaker, etc.) very warmly (kindly, well, favourably, courteously, coldly, etc.) очень тепло и т.д. принимать чью-л. работу и т.д.
4. VII
receive smth. to do smth. receive orders to march (instructions to go to India at once, etc.) получать приказ выступать и т.д.
5. XI
1) be received there was great excitement when the news was received было много волнений, когда было получено это известие; be received by smth. the announcement was received by telegraph извещение /сообщение/ было получено по телеграфу; be received at some time information has not yet been received of the exact date до сих пор еще не получены сведения о точной дате; applications must be received [at the office] not later than 1 p. m. December 31 заявления должны поступить [в контору] не позднее тринадцати часов тридцать первого декабря; be received of smb. receive d of Mr. Smith the sum of t 5 for house rent from the first of January to the first of April получено от мистера Смита 5 фунтов в качестве квартирной платы с первого января по первое апреля
2) be received at some place she is no longer received in society в обществе ее больше не принимают; he shall not be received at my house в моем доме он не будет принят; be received in some manner he was received with cheers его встретили одобрительными /приветственными/ возгласами; the speaker was received coldly оратора встретили холодно; the speech was well received by the audience слушатели остались очень довольны этой речью; any suggestion will be thankfully received любой совет будет с благодарностью принят
6. XVI
receive on some day receive on Monday afternoons (on Tuesdays, etc.) принимать (гостей, друзей и т.п.) в понедельник днем и т.д.
7. XXI1
1) receive smth. from smb. receive a letter from one's wife (money from one's father, several books on art from one's friend, etc.) получать письмо от жены и т.д.; I received no sympathy from him я не нашел в нем сочувствия; receive smth. by smth. receive the information by telegraph (goods by the steamer, a parcel by post, etc.) получать сведения по телеграфу и т.д.; receive smth. in smth. receive the news in silence молча встретить эту новость
2) receive smth. on smth. receive a heavy blow on the head получать сильный удар по голове; receive smth. in smth. he received a wound in the battle он был ранен в этом бою
3) receive smb. in(to) smth. receive smb. into the party (into a group, into the church, etc.) принимать кого-л. в партию и т.д.; receive smb. into a hospital (a person into one's family as a son, a person in(to) one's house for the purpose of education, etc.) брать /принимать/ кого-л. в больницу и т.д.
4) receive smb., smth. with smth. receive smb., smth. with joy (with great respect, with tumultuous applause, with cheers, etc.) принимать кого-л., что-л. с радостью и т.д.
8. XXIV1
receive smth. as smth. receive smth. as a present (as security, as a gift, etc.) принимать /рассматривать/ что-л. как подарок и т.д.

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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